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"Regardless of whether it is East or West River we will make every effort to be at the concerts!! We are SOLD!!"
Stadel, Madison, SD

"I vote for twice a year! Thanks for all your efforts in coordinating this awesome event"
Birrel, Hot Springs, SD

"Laura and I just returned from the Songwriters Concert and it was fabulous!!! We and our guests thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I hope that you receive enough responses so it will become a regular event"
Batchelor, Hot Springs, SD

"Just wanted to say that the concert was awesome. Good job on planning a great weekend!"
Krogstad, Rapid City, SD

"Donna and I were thrilled by the performances this past week end. PLEASE, do it again."
Behrends, Hot Springs, SD

"Thanks for the vision and all the effort that you put forth to make this happen. It was an awesome weekend. Count me in for the next one"
Bellew, Rapid City, SD

"WOW!!!! Count us in for the next one"
Joe Muller, The Mammoth Site

"We sure enjoyed the Friday night performance. Whatever you decide to do next year, plan on my support. Either once or twice a year I will support. It was great for the area, and I can see it growing. Thanks for all of your work to set it up. All the comments I have heard were positive, and I heard Saturday's concert was even better than Friday's"
Don De Vries, Manager
Hot Springs Super 8 Motel

"What a great two evenings…. I have heard nothing but PRAISE for the two concerts. I know next year, it will be a BIG sellout….If you need our support for anything… just let us know. This is an endeavor well worth supporting"
Hansen, Hot Springs,SD

"We went to the Fri. night performance and we thought it was the most enjoyable concert we have attended in recent years. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful talent to Hot Springs for us all to enjoy. We are looking forward to more of the same in the future. We will definitly attend any such concerts that you arrange in the future. Thank you"
Mowry, Hot Springs, SD

"We were fortunate to be in Hot Springs Friday Sept. 10th and went to the Songwriters Gallery Concert. What a treat. Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed it and hope it works out so you are able to have more in the future"
King, Geddes, SD


February 24-26,2006
The 1st Songwriters Winter Retreat .... happened!!


Oh yeah. A great writing/creative workshop (sold out) for all levels of writers willing to work hard and work thru songs. Some re-wrote and came back into workshop with masterpieces .. gotta love it. Thank you Michael and Don for putting in the overtime....

Don Henry and Michael Johnson were the mentors PLUS provided a sold out concert at the SONGBIRD CAFE in Custer.

It just may happen again next year .. we'll keep ya posted.

We will give you email's of past participants upon request --- they can tell more about the Songwriters Gallery.

"It was a pleasure and an honor to be around such attentive writers. I feel like I had more to learn than I had to give."

Michael Johnson

"The Songwriters Gallery winter retreat was fantastic.
To be in such secluded surroundings just soaking up life without a traffic jam in sight... what an escape! Just deer and snow and crystal clear air...and that early morning moon! Oh yeah, and songs, songs, songs! As hard as I worked while I was there, it never felt like work until I hit the bed at night and slept like a baby. A song-fed baby! Thanks to David Lee Brown and crew for inviting me to participate and hang out with folks who just can't help but write songs. Believe me, I understand! Lover of songs and songwriters,"

Don Henry

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